What’s the difference between the cold and flu tablets in front and at the back of the counter

The medicines that are kept behind the counter are ‘Pharmacists Only’ medications and they are not suitable for everyone unlike the ones in the front-of-the-shop or OTC medications. More detailed differences are explained by Alvin in this video.

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Micah asks, “What the difference between the cold and flu tablets that you keep in the front and the back?” So, same sort of deal. Thanks Micah. So basically you will always find … The pharmacists usually grab the cold and flu mediations from behind the counter. That’s because the medications that are kept behind the counter are called “pharmacist only medications,” and in the case of cold and flu tablets, they contain pseudoephedrine. So pseudoephedrine is a really great nasal decongestant, so it’s really good at relieving the congestion, unblocking your nose, and it just works way, way better in most people than the regular over the counter, front-of-shop, cold and flu preparations. It’s not suitable for everyone, and we just need to make sure that it doesn’t interfere with any of your medicines and that kind of thing. So that’s why we keep it behind the counter. So after that consultation process, that’s why we can determine whether it’s the right one for you. So hopefully that answered your question.
Just trying to think, what more value can I add to Micah. That’s the main difference. It’s the pseudoephedrine, and of course there’s been some abuse potential with the pseudoephedrine, so that’s also why it’s kept behind the counter. So if you come and see one of our wellness consultants, and definitely if you come and see one of our pharmacists, we will usually always grab that one for you cause in our clinical experience it just works much better and you’re gonna be a much happier patient because your symptoms are resolved a lot quicker and you’re just gonna feel a million times better.

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