How to Cleanse Your Lungs – How to Detox Smoker Lungs In Three Days

How to Cleanse Your Lungs – How to Detox Smoker Lungs In Three Days Naturally at Home without Any Side Effects.

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How To Detox Smoker Lungs
Protecting your lungs is a vital step in maintaining their long-term health. Over time, toxins from fungi and bacteria can destroy the health of your lungs and even lead to deadly diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) diseases. Fortunately, there are many natural steps you can take to help keep your lungs healthy so you can breathe easily.

Discard dairy
Two days before the detoxification process, it is necessary to remove all dairy products use. The body needs to get rid of toxins in milk products before purification of the lungs.

Bring on the green tea!
Before the first day of the regime, drink a cup of herbal tea before going to bed. It will be released toxins from the intestines. The lungs should not be overloaded with the difficult task of any other part of the body during purification.

Lemon Juice
In a glass of warm water, add a quarter cup of lemon juice and drink before breakfast. You can also opt for a glass of pineapple juice or cranberry juice instead of lemon.

Drink carrot juice
Drink 300 ml of pure carrot juice between breakfast and lunch. Carrot juice helps to alkalize the blood during the three days of purification.

Drink grapefruit juice
Drink 300ml of grapefruit juice. If you do not like the taste, you can replace it with pineapple juice. These juices contain natural antioxidants that improve the breathing system.

Get your potassium kick
You have to drink 400 ml of juice rich in potassium during lunch. Potassium acts as a tonic for cleaning. Before going to bed make 400 ml of cranberry juice. It will help in the fight against bacteria in the lungs that can cause infections.

Take care of your body and do exercises regularly.

Take a hot shower
A hot bath 20 minutes a day will help to eliminate toxins. You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to hot water and inhale the steam to purify the lungs naturally. The compound found in eucalyptus expectorant help throat problems, sinus congestion and pain relievers.

Choose the yoga way!
Practice deep breathing for half an hour every day. This will help in flushing impurities from the lungs.


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30 thoughts on “How to Cleanse Your Lungs – How to Detox Smoker Lungs In Three Days

  1. Eat raw garlic the pungent fumes of allicin go to your lungs and detox them antioxidize and help get rid of phlegm. Garlic contains anti cancer properties at same time eat healthy and take turmeric tablet with your multivitamin in the morn for breakfast. Eat one or two cloves raw garlic at night time after dinner if its a bit rough eat honey with it. Couple weeks your whole body including lungs is detoxed. This video is bullshit.

  2. use a lil bit of ground ginger in your food(i mainly just add it to pastas {1/4 tsp i use maybe a lil more) too much will only result in mild hot flashes/sweating i noticed. very good natural detoxer

  3. I would need help and guidance to do all this I'm always broke cuz I don't make that much money I quit for three months and now I'm smoking again so I sure wished I had somebody to reach out to thank you

  4. To quit smoking; 1 tsp CREAM OF TARTAR in LAST DRINK OF THE NIGHT (orange juice works best), every night for up to 14 days. Before you know it, u will have quit smoking cigarettes completely. Good luck to all who try! God Bless

  5. What would they do without cigs and toxins….smoking is blamed for everything from cancer to coldsores but things like fly spray, deodorants, weedkiller,spraypaints, hairsprays, spray polish, air freshener sprays etc are never mentioned,…..How many people use fly spray in Summer …If it'll kill wasps, mosquito's in seconds just think what it'll do to you if you only breath a tiny amount in on a daily basis,….How many of us use deodorants……Try missing your armpit and spraying it in your face and see what happens the same with air fresheners something we all use….try spraying it near your face,….These are the things that are killing us not just smoking,…But nothings said about them after all we don't want Johnson & Johnson or Proctor & Gamble to go out of business do we

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