Dark Circles Under the Eyes

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Dr. Berg talks about what causes dark circles under the eyes. There are several reasons:
1. Sinus – because the tissue under the eye is very thin congestion in the lymphatic system or venous system will show up as blue. This blue color is what is seen as dark under eyes. This is congestion. Check out these videos:

2. Liver – if you try to detox your liver, the congestion will also show up under the eyes.

3. Adrenal Fatigue – this create stress and of course the appearance of dark circles under the eyes will reveal this.

4. Lack of sleep – this is the BIGGEST reason for dark circles under the eye.

5. Allergies – of course allergies cause sinus issues – see #2.

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46 thoughts on “Dark Circles Under the Eyes

  1. This video is great..I have this 'round my eyes that makes me filter every photo..

    Dr. Berg, will you please talk about FORDYCE on lips? They're so unsightly and can be mistaken for STD…

  2. Hey im really pale, lightbrown/blonde person 24yold and my dark circles arent just under my eyes its like all around it (they arent puffy or swollen)
    kinda like a middle eastern or indian person
    it hapened out of nowhere in 1-2 month i noticed when people saying ''dude your why your eyes geting darker'' (some people tought i start using drugs or got sick hahaha)
    i have seboreic dermatitis but it mostly make red spots around my nose, not dark spots (have seboreic dermatitis for like 9 years)
    inside my nose always dry (this started hapening for last 2 years)-(it even went super infected and start leaking blood and some dirty smeling liquids so i went doctor he said i have alergy and gave me nasal spray called ''n-cort'' my nose got better when i start using this but its still dry inside, but its not bleeding anymore)
    i started going vegan this week wud that help ??

  3. I have a non related question. It’s kind of wierd one .
    But I have very aged looking hands like 70 year old woman .. I am in my late 30th..:-/…. any idea why?

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