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There are other approaches to consider if you find your oral antihistamine not working. Managing your hayfever is a lot handy with the applied technology to medications for easier and more efficient delivery (e.g. nasal spray). Telling you more about these medications, have a watch on Alvin.


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The first question that we’ve got is from Heidi. I’m just reading my notes up here. Heidi asks, “Alvin, my oral antihistamine is not working. What can I do?” So, yes, oral antihistamines were usually the first line of treatment for managing your hay fever symptoms, but the technology’s come a long way now.
Generally, we recommend using a low-dose corticosteroid nasal spray as a first-line treatment, generally along with your antihistamine tablet. So what is a low-dose cortisone spray? Well, there’s many of them on the market, but they work really, really well at reducing the swelling and inflammation in your nasal passages and also making your nasal passages less sensitive to the pollen. The guidelines in Australia state that you’re better off using a nasal spray first-line to manage your hay fever.
There are so many different nasal sprays that we can use. Come in and see one of our pharmacists or one of our wellness consultants, and they will determine the right one for you. The other really common mistake that people make when treating hay fever is not using a saline spray or a saline wash, and that’s really good at re-hydrating the nasal passages and flushing out the excess pollen.
Typically, if your hay fever’s really bad, Heidi, for the first few days, we can recommend using a preservative-free nasal decongestant, something like what we use for cold and flu in conjunction with a low-dose corticosteroid spray as well as your tablet. Now, it may seem like overkill, but, you know, this is the joy of living in Melbourne with all this hay and pollen floating around in the air.
Quite often, a lot of our patients need to go the full route of managing their hay fever. Misconceptions about the word “steroid” and “cortisone” … some people don’t like that. But, you know, they’re totally misfounded. They really are very safe, because they’re a super low dose, and you will notice some amazing relief in your symptoms.
And, of course, there’s the whole preventative option as well which you can take, which we can go through with you in person, but basically using stuff like vitamin C, quercetin, marshmallow in these natural ingredients, and of course, probiotics. How can we forget probiotics? Particular strains of probiotics super useful for dampening your immune response to hay fever.
Cool. So, hopefully, that answers your question, Heidi. If you’ve got any more questions, come in and see us in the pharmacy, of course, and/or pop your questions in the comments below.

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