The Best Remedy for an Ear Infection

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Dr. Berg talks about a great natural remedy for ear infections. Take 1 drop of garlic oil (in 1 tsp of olive oil), mix well, and then take 1 drop of that and apply this in the ear to help counter any unfriendly microbes. All you need to do is for place the drop of oil in each ear in the am and before bed until symptoms improve. Garlic oil can be purchased at the health-food store or online (amazon).



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41 thoughts on “The Best Remedy for an Ear Infection

  1. Dr. Berg my daughter is 1. She has had a double ear infection for 3 weeks straight and 3 rounds of different medication tried. Nothing has worked. So she sees a specialist in 2 weeks to see about tubes.. But chances are she wont have those done for another 2 weeks after that due to scheduling.. Is this something that will work for her at her age too? Or is it bad to put any form of fluids into the ear if its that bad?

  2. I use coconut oil. warm it just above room temperature, to the point it's liquid and put two drops in ear a couple or three times a day. works like a charm. just make sure it's not too warm for the ear.

  3. I've had pneumonia and a series of colds since November. I can still feel the bacteria in my head and spine. I used a garlic clove for my earache, and I just discovered BORAX water. After a 1/4 cup of the water, I feel better all ready. Check into it and chose for yourself.

  4. Hi Dr Berg, thanks for this information but I tried this, tilted my head so the oil will drain into the ear but it just stayed there, it could not drain down
    I spoke to an ENT specialist, and she said putting a drop of oil into the ear cannot reach the inner ear, may just the middle ear, and that, the way to the inner ear is through the nose. What do you make of this?

  5. can you please do a vid on how to treat prostatitis naturally? Been one week on antibiotics but had to stop because of a handful of side-effects,like dizzyness,fever-fantasies,a really upset stomach,headacke,vision-issues and episodes of almost fainting. This was Doxylin 100mg twice a day i took. Please do a vid on how to treat prostatitis naturally.

  6. sucralose make us fat ?
    acesulfame k use leads to cognitive damage ?
    artificial colour and flavours safe ?
    lecithins safe ?
    If all of the above used in long term like 2-3 years , how to overcome its side effects with alternative nutrition remedy ? please do this .. its all found in most of the bodybuilding supplement !! thank you.

  7. Hi Dr Berg !!! Can you pls talk a bit about dates ? Are they ok to consume while doing aketogenic diet ? Pls pls pls need your thoughts about it thank you โค๏ธ

  8. Dr. Berg, I love that you add information on how to help animals holistically to your videos:) I would love to see more videos/information on that as well on your channel…..thank you:) By the way….your adrenal supplements are fantastic & they are helping me like nothing else before…thank you for creating them:)

  9. A little off topic, but Iโ€™ve always had something up with my ears. I also have extreme jaw cramps that come in when I open my mouth wide. Could this have something to do with a misalignment in the teeth?

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