how to clear sinus and congestion naturally

type of onion: red onion

you dont have to eat it like this, but you can cook with it too and that would help to clear things up.

this is something that i tried out that seemed to work for me without having to take medicine. i was on the last edge and i had some type of weird flu that had a choke hold on me. i didn’t want to take any pills so figured i could look up natural ways to cure my dilemma and this is what work best for me although i did not eat the whole onion.


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15 thoughts on “how to clear sinus and congestion naturally

  1. I don't think I would have any problem biting out of an onion. I try to eat everything with extra onions, put onions in it, or has a onion flavor variety. The sugars in the onion is what I'm after and they are a great way to turn a salty food into sweet & salty (which is what I eat all day long, sweet & salty/sweet & sour foods). I've actually eaten out of a green onion once with no problem.

  2. Hmm interesting, eating onions i good for the clearing of the throat sure but the breathe is another story. Have you tried other natural remedies of unblocking a sinus? By the way this has been a great video! πŸ™‚

  3. @DonCornelius366 im glade some one finds it funny. i was really desperate to find a cure for my sickness and this one actually worked. i knew it would be camera worthy so i filmed it. thanks for watching and commenting.

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