Empty Nose Syndrome

This is intended for patients and providers who would like to learn more about Empty Nose Syndrome. Any patients considering nasal surgery of this risk before they make their decision. At the Modern Nose Clinic, we have not experienced this complication.


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5 thoughts on “Empty Nose Syndrome

  1. I was diagnosed with this last year after 6 sinus surgeries, last one in 2015. After my 5th, in 2006,I started experiencing, what I called very severe sinus pain that won't go away. I wanted to call it a sinus migraine because all my nerves are constantly inflamed and cause pain. I'm talking 24/7 x 365 days. I was told there was no such thing as a sinus migraine and it must be just a migraine. I have been to may neurologists and migraine specialists over the years and tried most medication and even Botox to help with the pain. None of the medicines or treatments ever worked. Now I know why….I now for weeks will wake up constantly during the night because both my sinuses and mouth are so dried out I have trouble breathing. I also was diagnosed recently with sleep apnea. This pain has been going on for 20 years, I cannot work anymore, but I am having trouble getting approved for disability. I'm soon to be homeless because my disability case went federal and my hearing could not until March of 2019. I now HEAVILY caution people about having sinus surgery and having their turbinates reduced. I want NO ONE to experience the long term pain and loss of enjoyment of life I have (because I can not do the things I used to). I am mostly homebound, have become a recluse, lost most of the things I used to enjoy. This need to go to every ENT surgeon everywhere….they need to know!!!

  2. Thank you for putting together this video. I have lived with this condition since 2011. It’s not an easy journey. I hope other doctors will see this video and decide to be conservative with their surgeries.

  3. Thank you so much for making this video. I actually cried while watching it. To suffer with this is bad enough, but to have doctors denying it or downplaying its frequency just makes the patients feel even more hopeless. You have helped people feel validated. I only had a ten percent reduction and still ended up with the condition. Until this happened, I had no idea that suffering of this kind could even exist.

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