Head & Face Massage Therapy Lymphatic Techniques How To | Athena Psychetruth

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Head & Face Massage Therapy Lymphatic Techniques How To | Athena Psychetruth

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47 thoughts on “Head & Face Massage Therapy Lymphatic Techniques How To | Athena Psychetruth

  1. Interesting tips, thanks! If you’re not so prudish, you can also check out Jevie Hindlerg's BJ website for some wild tricks. It's like taking absolute control, by making him feel very intense sensations he didn't even know he could have.

  2. Athena, my 1ur old has a swollen lymph node near the base of his skull. I tried this massage on him but it didn't seem to help. Any suggestions? What could I be doing wrong?

  3. This is a fantastic video. Total healing experience just to watch it!
    Can anyone recommend a beginners book showing good clear pictures of the lymph system up close? And giving instructions on the drainage technique?

  4. Thanks for the instructional video. I have tried this on myself, and this actually pushed fluid out of my sinuses! I usually have sinus infections, so this works for me.

  5. @HypnoSwag I was referring more to their body types. However while watching this video I went to sleep for a couple of minutes and after I woke up for several seconds I started to believe that she was Corrina! Also their hair is very similar. The Psychetruth people can clear up my theory that they are sisters. After seeing a picture of Zooey Deschanel I was able to decipher that Emily Deschanel was her big sister! Peace! :=)

  6. Very informative, and educational. I need one of these massages. Thanks Athena & Karena is it? My wife likes it when I massage her eyebrows and bridge of her nose. I need to learn how to do this massage work.

  7. Lymphatic Technique, yes, very valuable to overall health & well-being are these Naturopathic Integration Tactile Therapies. It's good to see videos like this being shared 'coz it's Lymphatic Technique) often not appreciated, even by some Nats in their scope of planning for treatment (of any kind of illness/injury).
    Great to see. Wonderful presentation. Thank-you.

  8. I think perhaPs with a massage that is more precise such as lymphatic, it would be better to have a model with finer features: that way the massage on parts such as the around the jaw would be accentuated. In this respect corrina made a better model.

  9. Wow! That Joker must be Corrina's sister! That Joker looks just like her! I didn't know she had a twin sister! Maybe not identical but definitely fraternal! I started to notice the similarities to the both of them in the last two massage videos! Feel free to correct if I am wrong! LOL! Peace! :=)

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