Do’s & Don’t after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery? – Dr. Gaurav Medikeri S

Post endoscopic sinus surgery the patient will be put on a certain set of medications, which they have to take for about 7 days to 10 days. The most important things after an endoscopic sinus surgery would be to wash their sinus cavities thoroughly because during the surgery and after the surgery, there will be small capillaries which will ooze into the sinuses. This will create clots within the sinus which will be washed put to allow better breathing for the patient. Things that the patient should not do is to drink alcohol because it induces more bleeding into the sinuses. To have more spicy food because they are already on certain medications which can induce gastritis. The patient should not blow their nose heavily because that can increase the amount of bleeding. Most patients who undergo endoscopic sinus surgery are the ones who have allergy problems. So they require long term follow up even after surgery to inspect their sinus cavities and to make sure that their disease is under control.


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