08 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper

08 Surprising Health Benefits Of Cayenne Pepper

The Capsaicin in cayenne pepper offers varied benefits. It boosts metabolism and heart health, and even clears congestion. Cayenne pepper is also known to relieve joint pains and other inflammatory conditions. The spice does well to skin and hair as well.

1. Boosts Metabolism:

It’s all about metabolism, isn’t it? Studies show that cayenne pepper can boost metabolism and even suppress hunger. And for this, we must thank capsaicin (which is also called a thermogenic chemical). This compound is known to produce extra heat in our bodies and burn more fat and calories in the process. Research tells us that taking foods rich in capsaicin can increase our body’s metabolic rate by 20 percent (for up to 2 hours).

2. Improves Digestive Health:

Cayenne has the uncanny ability to boost heart action and circulation – thereby accelerating the digestive process. It also improves the stomach’s ability to defend infections and increase the production of digestive fluid. The pepper also smoothens the way important enzymes are delivered to the stomach. All of this enhances your digestive health.

3. Might Lower Blood Pressure:

The pepper opens up blood vessels, and this increases blood flow. As the rate of blood flowing through your system increases, your blood pressure naturally comes down.
Capsaicin also affects the sensory nerves that work with neuro-hormonal systems, and this lowers blood pressure. But then, cayenne pepper is not a replacement for your blood pressure medication. It is just a supplementation.

4. Can Reduce Pain:

Capsaicin can reduce pain. The compound has powerful pain-relieving properties and works amazingly well when applied to the pain area. Here’s the science behind it – capsaicin reduces the amount of substance P (a chemical that delivers pain messages to the brain). As a result, you feel relief. This is why even most pain ointments have capsaicin as one of their ingredients.

Applying capsaicin to the skin also makes the brain respond by releasing dopamine, the feel-good hormone that offers a sense of reward and pleasure.

5. Can Prevent Cancer:

In several studies, capsaicin has demonstrated the ability to induce apoptosis (death of cancer cells). In fact, it also arrests the ability of cancer cells to travel across the body.

6. Protects The Heart:

Given that cayenne improves the health of blood vessels and lowers blood pressure, it sure does good to the heart.
Cayenne pepper also prevents blood clots, making it effective in preventing heart attacks. The capsaicin clears the lipid deposits that narrow the arteries.

7. Clears Congestion:

If you are suffering from a sinus congestion, cayenne pepper can help you out. The capsaicin in the pepper can thin the mucus and stimulate the sinuses. This ultimately aids air circulation, offering you relief. Taking foods containing cayenne pepper can help clear your congestion.

8. Relieves Joint Pains:

We already saw the pain-relieving effects of capsaicin. Studies have revealed, that applying creams containing capsaicin on painful joints improved their condition.


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