How to Unblock a Blocked Nose in 1 Min Fast (Easy Breathing Exercise Remedy)

How to unblock a blocked nose with this simple breathing remedy in less than 1 minute or in 40 seconds fast and naturally.

This respiratory exercise to unblock a blocked nose was developed and tested by about 160 Soviet and Russian physicians who have been teaching the Buteyko breathing treatment therapy to thousands of their patients with asthma, sinusitis, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, and many other health problems.

A problem with a blocked nose appears due to too fast and heavy breathing at rest and during night sleep. As a result, carbon dioxide pressure in blood and body cells becomes too low. This condition is called arterial hypocapnia and it causes spasm or constriction of arteries and arterioles reducing blood flow to tissues and organs of the body.

In addition, overbreathing and hypocapnia reduces O2 release in tissues due to the suppressed Bohr effect. This is an additional factor in a blocked nose symptom.

The solution and remedy to a blocked nose is to cure it with higher CO2 so that to dilate blood vessels and improve oxygenation of body tissues. This can be easily accomplished by breath holding and easier breathing or reduced breathing that boosts arterial CO2 content. CO2 dilates blood vessels and increases O2 delivery to tissues:

In addition, CO2 is a powerful dilator of airways due to its relaxing effects on smooth muscles. Therefore, this breathing exercise also expands air passages making breathing easier and lighter. This is the reason why this natural home remedy for a stuffy nose is so powerful.

The next step in order to permanently cure problems with a blocked nose or to unblock the nose for good is to improve body oxygenation up to 25 seconds or more. Note that people with a blocked nose have less than 20 seconds for the body oxygen test, while the normal ranges are about 40-60 seconds.

Here is a link to our ClearNose.Org site: This page explains Steps that is a similar breathing exercise that combines breath holding and walking with the nose pinched (closed).

In order to achieve this purpose, people with a blocked nose need to make their basal breathing at rest and 24/7 easier and slower. Then they can expect a permanent relief from a problem with a blocked nose or clear nose 24/7:

This project requires efforts and education in breathing patterns, effects of CO2, lifestyle factors are correct breathing techniques.

Not all people are able to get relief from this breathing remedy to unblock a blocked nose. Some people have too severe problems and their may require some days or weeks of easier breathing before their nose gets clear.

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Dr. Artour Rakhimov helped thousands of people to unblock their stuffy noses quickly with this exercise and permanently cure sinusitis that they had for years.


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  1. I noticed that if you have a head cold that stops you up, sometimes getting up like standing up or walking around will help to on block you. When you're in bed, try sleeping on one side or the other because the staff stopping up your nasals will move to the side you're laying on and you'll be able to breathe from the top side. When you turn over everything will move again. This will keep going on until the cold starts to go away. What you could do is gargle salt water or even Listerine to help cut down on the germs. Make sure you target your soft palate because when you're draining, the stuff draining from your nasals will go down behind the back of your throat passed your soft palate. The more you can keep this area germ free, the quicker the cold will start to go away if it has nothing to feed on

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