Neti pot for SINUS, POLLEN and ALLERGY problems – clean out your head !

Sinus heachache infections or pressure? Pollen allergies? Head clogged? Markus Rothkranz demonstrates how to use a neti pot to wash out the inside of your head. All kinds of airborne garbage ends up in your sinuses, and this is a super easy cheap simple way to clear your head so you can breathe and think again.neti pots have been used for thousands of years to help with allergies, pollen and sinus problems.

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43 thoughts on “Neti pot for SINUS, POLLEN and ALLERGY problems – clean out your head !

  1. Thats what I needed now and it showed up! Ha! How universe works lol. I use saline spray with water, sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate.. but I wíll try this I guess

  2. Hello Markus, I bought some spring water (sadly all Walmart had was in plastic), but would you suggest someone start using the neti pot and cleansing straight away if they have trouble breathing and wait to buy the herbs? (The vit c is on the way and I have your Green formula & Heal Yourself 101). I get paid in a few days so I'm using the weekend to start the water fast portion. Feels like now is a good time to do my enemas and tag team my chronic mucus/breathing issues.

  3. Dear Markus,
    What about adding a bit of natural sea salt in the water before carrying out the neti pot procedure? My father and doctor always told me to cleanse my sinuses this way every time I went for a swim in the sea (which was practically every day for 4 to 5 months each year when I was a child-teenager) and it works really well. What are your thoughts on this? I have not tried it with just water so I cannot decide which one to go for. Thanks and keep up the great work 🙂

  4. Yeah I should definitely do this. I've had post-nasal drip for over a year now and I didn't want to use the nasal steroid… thing that the doctor prescribed.

    Anywho so I need to do things for my poor digestion so the problem goes away at source, but until then maybe I'll get some distilled or boiled water (at warm temp) and sea salt and try this out using the neti pot that's still buried away under my bed xD

    That thing about harmful bacteria in tap water (and maybe bottled water) sounds scary >.<

  5. Hi Markus,
    Got my neti pot today and am having trouble draining one of my nostrils a couple of drips comes out then stops completely. Will it become less blocked if I persist with the neti pot?
    I have ordered some products from your store by the way including heal yourself 101 and cant wait to learn about optimum health! thanks.

  6. Hi Markus, just wanted to say thank you. My earliest memories were of my mother watching TV every morning surround by a pile of tissues from her horrible allergies which started when she was 24. Well, I'm 24 now and suddenly I got allergies but I refuse to live like my mother did her whole adult life all stuffed up and miserable. I dealt with this for 1.5 days then I remembered this video from a long time ago and so I did what you said and I went from miserable, sluggish, snd plugged up to breathing much better, being able to taste food and returned energy. I love gardening so this is essential, thank you again!

  7. ive just purchased your book…i cant wait for it to arrive…and to say thank you id like to share a recipe (markus style lol) (bitta this bitta that…
    i used to bodybuild i used to be a basic vegetarian, things happen blah blah blah,,,ya right excuses happen…yes u can use that lol…anyways i came across this wonderful lady she calls herself the krazy kracker lady shes amazing…anyways i just made a dip and its absolutely delish and wanted to say thankyou by sharing it…
    its about a cup of hemp hearts soaked in coconut water for maybe an hour a nice big ripe avocado 4-5 cloves garlic olive oil avc chia seeds about a cup of young coconut meat and a bit of sea salt….whip it up dip veggies or homemade dehydrated crackers in……omg is what i said…hope u make it and hope u enjoy it, thank u to both u and cara   🙂

  8. I would recommend using a neti pot to anyone, but it isn't well presented here. It only stings if you're not doing it properly. The water shouldn't be warm (and definitely not cold), it should be tepid to the touch, approximating body temperature. For the size pot in the video you should also be using about half a level teaspoon of salt stirred into the water, not 'a tiny amount of salt.' Some people experience a headache or their ears pop when they first try neti. This is most likely caused by pressure build up because it feels like a weird thing to be doing, so there's a tendency for the face to tense up. This is easily avoided by consciously keeping the face relaxed throughout. Do it properly and it's easy and comfortable right from the first time.

  9. wow, the first time I did this I had a major "sinus headache" like I never experienced before… like it was deep inside my head behind my nose?  I know that's weird, but other headaches by comparison are usually 'on the surface, by my temples, back of neck, etc)  I thought maybe I got meningitis or something… but I did survive 😉  and it has made a huge difference, I've had sinus issues ever since I was a kid, this changes everything… love your videos Markus, I'm now watching all of them… 

  10. I used the Nielsen Med Neti Pot for awhile until they came out with a Nasal squeeze bottle….I LOVE IT!!! The neti pot was messy and uncomfortable twisting head to side over the sink. But the bottle is GREAT! I can get a sinus frontal headache, use the squeeze bottle with their packets of solution and Wow in about 2 minutes my headache is GONE!! Will never be without one again. No I don't work for them…haha!

  11. Markus, I used apple cider vinegar mixed in water and after doing this, I can't smell anything. I am freaking out. My nose is my business. I am a juice/ food formulator!

  12. Hi Markus…So you have to have sinus problems or allergies in order to use the neti pot?  I have a lot of mucous build up in general but no severe allergy episodes. 

  13. I get bad sinus pain in the winter so I have ordered my tiny nose watering can and will begin! Got to laugh, only Markus can get me to stick a tube up my bum and water my nose! not at the same time, obv. lol. I'm almost scared what he'll have me doing next.

  14. hi markus! quick question suffer from pollen sneezing all the time! ive started getting like red rashes on the face..will a neti pot help clear this?and how many times should I use it? 🙂

  15. I have learned that if you use your neti pot at night as opposed to morning that when you sleep sometimes the liquid stays in some pockets and may run into my inner ear. So use in the morning not the night and when used breathe out of your mouth. It will work fine. 

  16. My neti pot has given me severe frontal sinus pressure and no matter how I massage or what I do it will not drain or relieve in pressure. I can't sleep. 

    IS there anything I can do? 

  17. Just tried this for the first time. I guess I'll have to do another rinse later. Not too bad so far. I have had horrendous pressure and pain in my face and jaw and around my eyes. I had to do something. So far it does feel like it's a bit easier to breathe, and the pressure has become slightly less. I hope the next couple of rinses continue to provide improvement; I have slept about 1.5 hours in the past 2 days and REALLY need a good night's rest tonight.

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