Neti Pot Review *Gross Alert*

Reviewing the sinus cleaning product the neti pot to rid of my stuffy nose.


Author: design

37 thoughts on “Neti Pot Review *Gross Alert*

  1. who gives a shit if he's swearing, has stretched ears and has that hairstyle. this is his fucking channel, don't like it, don't watch it!!! its pretty damn easy!!!

  2. This guy makes me feel like I'm back in high school when everyone tried to say fuck as much as possible to make themselves look like a bad ass. He seems like a nice guy just really immature. Anyway I need to try one of those Neti pots I'm always having sinus issues!

  3. I'm not even that offended by swearing, but this is so cringeworthy. Just speak like a normal person, a few f**ks is fine but talking like you are doesn't make you look cool, it just annoys your audience. Chill boi!

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