Ear Candling for Wax Removal: Does it Work? | The SASS with Susan and Sharzad

Many people swear by ear candling to for wax removal, sinus relief, and other health benefits. That’s what Susan Yara and Sharzad Kiadeh went to East Meets West Holistic Center in Los Angeles to try it for themselves. Watch this episode of The SASS to see what happens!

Watch our video where we tested if ear candling is fake here: https://youtu.be/FAltNdIiw3s

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Treatment Cost: $85 (Mention The SASS and get a discount!)

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27 thoughts on “Ear Candling for Wax Removal: Does it Work? | The SASS with Susan and Sharzad

  1. Ahh! Please no one do this. The "wax" in the candle isn't ear wax it's wax melted from the candle itself. That wax could drop onto the eardrum and burn it. Not Good! Look into ear wax irrigation some saline and a syringe will work much better to clean your ears

  2. Ear candling is EXTREMELY dangerous. NEVER do it. The wax can seep into your ear and clog it further, you can experience burns, hearing loss do to burnt hairs inside the ear, and more. Do your research…

  3. My mom used to use like the smallest size of crocheting hook and dig my wax out, it felt so amazing. I’m part Japanese but my moms not Japanese at all, she’s French so maybe it’s not just an Asian thing lol

  4. Guys its fake just think about where did the ear candle wax go? I mean the wax doesnt come on the outside it just melts and goes down. This candle wax is the wax that you idiots call it ear wax🌚

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