The best thing about home cures is they’re both easy to make and effective.
If you happen to burn your neck with a curling iron just put some toothpaste over it will soothe the burn.

If your ear blocked with ear wax, use ear candle it’ll help.

If you need to prevent black eye appearence, do the following: pour half a cup of rubbing alcohol, add one cup of dish soap, put it in a plastic bad, let freeze. And when it’s ready apply to bruised spot.
When you have a headache you can simply hold a pencil with your teeth. It helps to relax your jaw muscle and therefore reduces the pain!

In case you’re struggling with mosquitoes: cut couple of lemons in halves and put cloves in them. Place them on your night stand and forget about the nasty mosquitoes.

Easy way to get rid of the toothache. Mix some salt, pepper and water in a bowl. Put this mixture on a cotton pad, apply to your tooth and wait 2 minutes.

Also find out how to apply band-aids and elastic bandages correctly. How to create an arm sling in case of arm injury, cure the minor cuts using vaseline and bruises as fast as possible, securely fix an open wound, make gauze bandage, get rid of migraine and whatnot!Stay safe and sound!

And don’t forget about the special spots in the body that can help you reduce pain and unpleasnt sensations in your organism.

Yintang point helps to overcome eye fatigue.
Zan Zhu relieves a runny nose and improves vision.
Yingxiang opens sinuses, reduces headaches and toothaches and relieves stress.
Tian Zhu relieves nasal congestion, pain in the eyes, ears, severe headache.
Shuai Gu relieves pain in the temporal region, relieves eye fatigue.
He Gu, ATTENTION! Should not be done by pregnant women! Relieves back pain, toothache and tension in the neck muscles.

And last but not least let’s try this easy and yummy recipe for cough drops. You’re gonna need some sugar, water, honey, lemon juice, ginger and cloves. Put these ingredients together into a pot, make it boil, then lay out in little circles on the baking sheet or tray. Let it cool down. When drops take needed shape, sprinkle it with the powdered sugar.

Another great remedy source is Aloe Vera. How come it is so good for your health? I’ll tell ya! ๐Ÿ˜‰

– it can treat acne and eczema
– it reduces irritation caused by insect bites
– it helps treat burns
– it moisturizes the skin and fills in wrinkles
– it helps with heartburn and stomach upsets
– it works great as a shaving gel
– it improves the efficiency of the urinary tracts
– it can be used as a shampoo to treat hair loss
– it improves the work of the heart and improves blood quality

Avoid using chemical – based medicines, try Aloe Vera instead!

Remember health is wealth, my friends! ๐Ÿ˜‰


0:53 How to deal with the stretch marks
5:34 Bizarre home cures that really work
10:17 Elastic bandaging techniques
12:36 Get rid of the common illnesses
15:52 How come Aloe Vera is so awesome?
18:58 Acuppressure points to treat any kind of pain

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