Plugged Ear and Sinus Congestion from Mechanical Issue in the Neck

Ear Fullness (Plugged Ear) and Hearing Impairment along with different Sinus Symptoms resulting from mechanical disturbance in the cervical spine, mainly exacerbated by years of poor posture.

Trigemino-cervical complex in the brainstem may be the biological substrate for the symptoms beyond pain, in this case, eustachian tube dysfunction and sinus congestion mediated via different branches of the trigeminal nerve supplying the eustachian tube and sinuses, triggered via irritation of the cervical nerves synapsing with the nucleus in the brainstem.

Above ear and sinus complaints were treated with Cervical Retraction -SUSTAINED neck exercise along with Posture Correction per McKenzie Method assessment. Similar to cervicogenic headaches, SUSTAINED cervical retractions seems to have better response for the plugged ear symptoms.

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