Sinus Defense Discount Homeopathic Remedy
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Sinus Defense

Sinus Defense & BetaMax 500
An Oral Spray for Chronic Sinus probelms

sinus-defense-betamax500Raise your fungal resistance with Sinus Defense. Increase the effect exponentially by adding BetaMax 500.

The underlying problem in any allergy is that the body does not know how to process the antigen out. This reaction causes the problems known as sinusitis, but also know a fungal allergy can have other symptoms as well. Sinus Defense is revolutionary because it “teaches” the body how to rid itself of the fungal invader. This exciting new product developed over the course of 20 years by Sinus Specialist, Donald Dennis, MD, FACS, is garnering rave reviews from patients. Sinus Defense contains homeopathic Lac Vaccinum (homeopathic colostrum). This product was released in November of 2012 and already word-of-mouth is spreading! Don’t take our word for it. See what people are saying below.

Not a Pill!
Sinus Defense is administered as an oral spray under the tongue for quick absorption into the body without exposing it to stomach acid, and can be used up to three times a day. This oral delivery system allows Sinus Defense to get into your system quickly and easily. Since many chronic sinusitis patients also experience malabsorption issues an oral spray delivers more of what helps you feel better!


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