Does Milk Cause Phlegm? (Health Guru)

Colds arent fun. Neither are sinus infections. So, does this mean that a grilled cheese sandwich will make your stuffed nose even more clogged?


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15 thoughts on “Does Milk Cause Phlegm? (Health Guru)

  1. I stopped dairy for 5 months and decided to eat pizza and Mac and cheese. Suddenly I was extremely congested. It's the milk and eggs. Point blank. Trial and error tells you that. Just try it.

  2. These doctors are scared to tell the fact because of losing their job. They've mortgage to pay & their livelihood thrives off sick people. Once you've your mama's milk, you're done with milk & animal milk is dangerously sick conspiracy to dumb is down.

  3. @xxblueogre well that's only true for right now, because the "unnatural" way of farming is actually subsidized. so they are paid to farm the bad way. Obama is proposing to get rid of farm subsidies, which makes perfect sense. why would we pay farmers. subsidies are normally applied to developing markets, like … solar energy, not a 50,000 year old industry.

  4. @xxblueogre yeah, if our government would stop actually subsidizing the industry, it would go back to the old practices of good farming and re-enriching the soil and feeding cows the right stuff again. In fact, I've seen interview after interview of how farmers are actually very well aware of what they are doing and how WERE IT DIFFERENT and they weren't paid to do the wrong thing, they'd go back to the natural way of farming. but … there ya go πŸ™

  5. @shakaama im not against grass fed cows but its a luxury that cannot be mass produced. its not just you who loves milk and the thing is the farmers only own so much land. its a sad truth that farmers have to feed corn and m&m's but i rather have milk then have non at all. i've drank real milk straight from the cow non north america but old fashion straight from the tit filtered with a cloth and a pot. it was warm and it had a nice flavour πŸ™‚
    I'm just happy to be alive in the end.

  6. @xxblueogre there are cows that are fed cows. you do have to make it your goal in life to find them, they are out there. And now, that i've done more research and found many companies, I edit my comment above.

    Raw milk from grass fed, untreated cows is not only GREAT for you, it combats about 100 things in your body. UNFORTUNATELY nearly all milk you'd ever come in contact with outside of a farm or a real famer's market is going to be pasteurized πŸ™

  7. This "Health Guru" is totally wrong!
    First it's not the fat in Cheese or Milk that causes mucus buildup, it's the Dairy Proteins – Casein & Whey that cause the mucus. A whey protein shake without any fat will cause the problem and a Non-Fat Yogurt will do the same as well.
    Since Milk is a foreign substance to mammals passed infancy – it causes an inflammatory immune response causing the mucus. Dairy indeed causes mucus for those allergic to it! It's a known FACT!

  8. And yet the anti dairy people, whom i don't know where their money is coming from, always say stop drinking milk. Grass fed cow's Milk has a lot of nutrients in them, including omega 3 if properly fed. This actually will combat the colds. Taking 5,000 mg of vitamin C and D daily will remove phlegm, in my humble opinion.

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