Instant Miracle Relief for Stuffy Nose & Sinus Congestion (Mastoid Compression) – Dr Alan Mandell

Here is something you will love if you are suffering from a chronic stuffy nose or sinus problem. I developed this technique while performing craniopathy with patients over the years of practice. I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below. I hope this technique makes a positive change in your health. Please share this video with others. Thank you. Dr. Mandell

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27 thoughts on “Instant Miracle Relief for Stuffy Nose & Sinus Congestion (Mastoid Compression) – Dr Alan Mandell

  1. I have been having a stuffy nose for 2 months now and I have literally tried everything, nasal sprays, breathable solutions, Neti pots, everything and nothing seems to be working. I recently tried one of your videos about pulling the ears away from your head and opening your mouth then tipping your head back and forth, I felt drainage so I am hoping this with that other technique can finally ease my pain of being stuffy! Thank you so much for this knowledge!

  2. Hi Dr Allen, Dr. I have a burning in my nose and mouth. Can u tell me why . I do believe its from my sinuses. It also occurs with certain smells. Do u have any idea why? Thank u .

  3. I usually don't get amazing results from these kinds of techniques, but this one is incredible! It started right away and it's still working. I will definitely keep using this! Thank you!

  4. It is a miracle! It actually works. Of course the nostril doesn't continue to stay wide open but it worths one's effort to achieve an instant nose opening and relief. I have a question for you doctor. I have chronic sinusitis and my left sinus is almost always blocked. When the left side closes, the left glands down my throat and all this red area of the body you demonstrate on the video until the left ear are also swollen and painful. Also the muscles right underneath the bone you demonstrate in the video are tight and hurt especially when you massage them. So, if I apply daily massage in this area you think that it will make the blood flow in the area better and help me with the congestion too? Also whenever I have sinusitis the left side of my face in the cheek bone feel also swollen. You can even see visually the difference with the right side. I am really disappointed because I've had FESS surgery and I though that would solve the problem of the left sinus since the sinuses where opened and logically the tissue shouldn't swell so much causing such blockage that no air is passing. I don't get over a sinusitis easier than before. I take a series of antibiotics, spray and other medication with no end.. πŸ™

  5. Wow! Fantastic! Thank you so much. I love to do this before I go to bed. It clears my sinuses and I sleep so much better! Love all your great tips!

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